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3 Reasons Why Italy Makes the Perfect Second Home Destination

If you are considering buying a second home abroad, Italy is considered as one of the best locations to buy in the world. Here's our three reasons why you should consider Italy

Written by Samanta Crocetti on 7 June 2016

Italy country is home to a number of picturesque landscapes, architectural wonders and coral-studded coastlines that are comparable to none. For thousands of years, Italy has attracted some of history's greatest thinkers and continues to be one of the globe's top destinations to visit. From the leisurely lifestyle to its finest cuisines, it is more than a holiday haven. That is why it has become a sought-after destination for many Brits to retire or build their second homes in.

As a matter of fact buying a property in Italy offers many benefits: from its favourable weather conditions to its low cost of living, the Mediterranean nation is seen by many as a refreshing relief from Britain's often-grey skies.

Here's our quick look at why you should consider owning a second home in the peninsula.

Quality of life in Italy

You don't have to be Italian to experience la bella vita (the good life).

Italy is unrivalled in offering wealth of experience as top destinations such as Rome, Florence or Venice continue to capture the popular imagination.

Retreating from the hustle and bustle to a small town is the perfect opportunity to experience the true Italian lifestyle. People living in towns such as Ravello and Gubbio are known for the hospitality of its people and their freshly baked goods. In fact, meal preparation is an important element in the Italian household as food is often cooked from fresh without any chemicals or preservatives, especially if you have a vegetable garden or else many many also buy products directly from farmers. This is why Italy is famous for its food, and their biggest export- pasta - has become the number one staple in many homes across the world.

Rural living is a popular choice for many Brits as the leisurely-paced countryside is in stark contrast to the concrete jungles of Britain. Wherever you choose to stay, homes across this nation accommodate large families and there are extra rooms to house overnight guests. Overall, the lifestyle of Italy is a sweet blend of discovery, simplicity and serenity.

Superb Italian weather

For any Brit looking to buy a second home outside of their native country, questions about the weather will be an inevitable topic. For those looking to purchase a second home in Italy, you're in for a surprise.

Italy has no set climate and it varies from North to South. The climate between the Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines displays stark differences in the summer and winter whereas the climate in Southern Italy is more temperate. Central Italy offers some of the best weather as its average temperature of 55 °F makes it an ideal location to settle.

During the summer months, the weather ranges from balmy to balmier across all regions, with temperatures reaching up to 86°F in July and August. Heading south temperatures rise, so you will have the chance to sunbathing until October.

Affordable living

The cost of living is comparably cheaper to that of the UK - an estimated 12.97% lower. Although the cost of renting and buying ranges from region to region, now it is the perfect time to grab you own piece of Italy as prices decreased by about 25% from the beginning of the global financial crisis. 

Notwithstanding, Italy's healthcare system is heralded as 'superb' as residents are entitled to free or affordable treatment. The services match the NHS so it shouldn't be too much of a culture shock.

Spending money on recreational activities is an inexpensive pursuit as the cost of food, clothing and transportation is relatively cheaper in Italy. Many are free to explore the length of the country on a stealthy budget and popular sites and museums are free on certain days, for the over 65's and under 25. In particular the South is cheaper than the North both for property prices and cost of living.

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