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Pension Shortfall Calculator

Your pension shortfall is the difference between what you would like to take home from your pension during retirement and your pension forecast.

It's vital that you regularly review the size of your pension shortfall to be able to make the necessary adjustments to close the gap.

If you have a pension or are considering how much you need to save to ensure your income is sufficient during your retirement, simply enter your details into our pension shortfall calculator and get an idea of your estimated pension shortfall.

Please note: we never store any data entered into the calculator.

Please enter your pension details below

Estimated current pension(s) value:
Your current monthly pension contribution:
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Planned retirement income per year:
Average annual growth rate on pension 5 %
Average rate of inflation 3 %

Your Pension shortfall results

Projected value of existing pension funds at retirement:
Total pension required (adjusted with inflation):
Pension Shortfall:
Which means that each month you need to contribute a total of: