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Request introduction to an intercultural coach who will help maximise international assignments

Overcoming cultural challenges is essential for successful international placements and multinational organisations managing teams in different countries.

To ensure that you understand and learn all aspects of intercultural communication, both in a professional and social context, our introduction to an intercultural coach will be invaluable.

Coaching programmes provided through our introduction begin with a free initial consultation to assess your situation and identify a suitable support strategy that helps leverage the skills, information and resources that can be immediately applied to your situation.

This introduction is perfect for more experienced professionals on both short and long term international assignments as well as for organisations seeking coaching for senior managers, executives or team members who need to manage cultural differences and effectively resolve communication challenges.

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To request an introduction, please provide details about your relocation plans

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Request introduction to an intercultural coach who will help maximise international assignments - specialist advice

Proven success

Our partner, Marina Ibrahim, has a proven track record of helping professionals maximise international placements and improve inter-team performance through her culture coaching programmes.

Request introduction to an intercultural coach who will help maximise international assignments - what you get

Free initial consultation

Submit your details to receive a free initial consultation during which Marina will assess your situation and establish the best course of action. From here Marina will be able to create a coaching plan tailor-made for you and your individual situation.

Request introduction to an intercultural coach who will help maximise international assignments - trusted advice

Expert coaching

Marina is a specialist in helping people overcome limiting patterns of behaviour, which helps people improve confidence when living abroad and removes potential conflicts, whether personal or professional through cultural integration.

Additional services following the initial discussion.

Once your introduction has been made, the selected partner will contact you to arrange an initial discussion and may ask additional questions to establish your situation. The discussion will last around 15 minutes and be conducted via phone or email and will provide you with general guidance and answer basic questions relating to your situation.

Following your initial discussion, if you feel you need formal advice or services the specialist will explain all potential charges and services so that you can decide whether to proceed based on what works for you.

There is no sales push and you are under no obligation to follow up with any paid services if you feel they are not required.

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What expats say about our experts

The consultant gave sound and relevant advice without trying to sell me services. His advice gave me the information and approach for my next step. He advised I try myself but made it clear he could help further if I needed it - and as precise and clear about the cost of using his services for the next step. Couldn't have been better.

Ivor M.

Double Tax Relief introduction in Portugal

Exceeded my expectations because of this I feel confident to use fee paying services. Thank you.

Matthew E.

Capital Gains Tax introduction in New Zealand

I had my consultation with Stephanie, who was really polite and friendly. She listened to my circumstances and analyze it. She also clarified the misunderstandings from my side as well. Overall, the session was extremely helpful.

Adam L.

Irish Tax Matters introduction in Ireland

I was extremely dubious and cautious going into this process. I have two pension pots in the UK that l have been trying to consolidate and rebalance for over a year with nothing but stalling and red tape from the two companies in the UK.

In desperation l followed up a lead from Google. I am glad l did. I will now be able to manage MY money from the US with an engaged and informative partner, instead of dealing with people who have zero interest in growing my accounts.

It’s a big relief and l look forward to developing this relationship wrt the rest of my retirement planning as part of my portfolio. Thanks so much for your help and referral. This is a legitimate organization with the expertise and support expats need.

Joanne E.

Pensions introduction in United States