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QROPS Miss-Selling Scandal in the United States

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QROPS Miss-Selling Scandal in the United States

Webinar: QROPS Miss-Selling Scandal in the United States

Type of event: Property Webinar

Where: Online

Date/time: 25 October 2023 (16:00 GMT - 16:30 GMT)

Overview of Webinar

British expats in America have been incorrectly sold QROPS as an alternative to their UK DB Pensions, pension transfers which should not have been viable because they did not meet the IRS’s rollover/Tax exemption/Tax treaty rules.

However, some companies continued to sell Malta QROPS for pension transfers, taking commissions of up to 7% and ongoing fees in excess of 2% per annum.

While firms have faced significant fines and in some cases shutdown altogether, it looks like the SEC and IRS have launched a joint criminal investigation into what they appear to consider to be fraudulent practice. 

There were about £3 billion worth of these transfers done and the clients are going to be left in legal and tax limbo if they are not helped.

Join us for this webinar when Paul Beard, Founder and Chief Executive of Alexander Beard will discuss the situation and talk you through potential options if you have been miss-sold a pension transfer.


Date: 25th October 2023

Times: 16:00 GMT / 17:00 BST / 12:00 EST / 0900 PST


  • Overview of QROPS and DB Pension transfers
  • The issues with QROPS in the USA
  • Options and potential solutions for people affected
  • Quick Q+A for participants

Presented by

  • Paul Beard from Alexander Beard

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