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Best travel insurance options for expats Best travel insurance options for expats

Best travel insurance options for expats

Last updated: 3 July 2024 at 15:40

Best travel insurance options for expats

Travelling while living abroad introduces a number of different challenges regarding what kind of cover your travel insurance may provide you, but not all travel insurance companies will provide travel insurance for non-UK residents.

When travelling, many people simply choose one of the options presented to us either by the travel agent, airline company or travel website. However, as an expat, your personal situation might exclude you from all the benefits available so it is vital that you read all the terms, conditions and small print to ensure that you are fully covered while travelling.

It is also advised that, rather than wait until you are about to travel to arrange your travel insurance, you should purchase travel insurance as close to when you made your booking as possible - ideally on the same day. This is to ensure you are covered if your travel plans get re-arranged or cancelled due to unforeseen events.

If you have a travel plan which you purchased before you moved abroad, you must also read the small print as it is unlikely to provide cover for your travels once you have moved abroad.

Companies offering travel insurance policies for expats and non-UK residents

Expatriate Healthcare Travel Insurance

Expatriate Healthcare’s, International Travel Insurance TravelCare policy covers all nationalities, travelling anywhere in the world.

You can cover a specific single trip or, for total flexibility, an annual policy that covers you for any trip you take abroad; regardless of how often you travel.

Perfect for people who

  • Expats under 70 years old
  • Seeking global cover
  • Children over 5 travelling alone


Important Facts

  • Visit as many countries in your destination area
  • Europe only cover
  • Global cover
  • Contracts in English
  • Free online quotes

Feather Travel Insurance

Feather is a comprehensive digital insurance solution designed for expats, by expats. With Feather, everything from onboarding to claims processing can be done all online, all in English. Their slick digital sign up processes are complimented perfectly by their team of experts, who offer free consultations in English, to help you make informed decisions and clarify any doubt when submitting claims. 

Perfect for people who

  • Expats under 74 years old
  • Digital nomads and freelancers
  • Not working and retirees
  • Are in Germany or France

Important Facts

  • Free instant quote
  • Sign-up online within minutes
  • Manage your policy all within the Feather mobile app
  • Everything from contract to support provided in English

Staysure Expat Travel Insurance

Staysure Overseas SL offers Expat Travel Insurance to the over 50s, bringing our quality products and excellent value for money to those living outside the UK.

Perfect for people who

  • Live abroad and travel anywhere in the world
  • Are over 50
  • Need global cover

Important Facts

  • Free online quotes
  • Instant quote
  • Instant cover

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